Grave Expectations, Book Two in the Mother and Me Mystery Series, will be published by Black Opal Books at the end of December 2018.

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Also Available: Dead Shrinks Don't Talk, Book One in the Mother and Me Mystery Series.

Book Three, Death of a Nuisance, is scheduled for publication in 2019.

Watch this site for news and updates about pub dates, readings and signings, etc. And check out the Black Opal Books site for more great mystery novels!

Dead Shrinks Don't Talk was previously published as Mother, Murder and Me, in 2012 by Swyers Publishing as a contest winner.

Here's a (very) brief synopsis:

When Marabella Vinegar finds her psychotherapist's bloody corpse, she becomes the NYPD's perp of choice. Her recently deceased mother -- the bane of her existence in life -- comes back to help get her out of trouble and find the real killer. Things get even worse when, thanks to Marabella and her mother's sleuthing, someone tries to kill her. Then another body is found and Marabella is thrown in jail, awaiting trial for two murders. After a second attempt on Marabella's life, she's terrified that she'll be corpse number three ...

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